Lirik Lagu Sound Of a Mirror

Sound Of a Mirror - I Miss You

you far away from me 
waiting without sureness 
i wish we can meet again 
in the other chance
you like an angel for me 
who alluring me 
until i fallen into your arm
because you are the one 
because you are my life
close your eyes and tell me what you ever seen? 
i say nothing, that's like my life without you 
can you tell me when you standing under the sun? 
i feel warm when i,m lying next to you
you like a shining sun 
i feel warm in your side 
but you now so far away 
leave me hear alone
cause i can't stand without you 
i can't live without you
#back to reff
there's nothing gonna change my mind 
i will to be with you forever 
but i promise we can trough this way cause you.....
i miss you so baby 
i love you so

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